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Пятница 23 Ноябрь 2018
After six years of absence, 2018 is the year of the great return to music for Marc Lavoine: a new album entitled « Je reviens à toi » in the spring.

Описание :

Marc Lavoine is an artist who never ceases to surprise and move us. After important roles in theatre or cinema and a first autobiographical novel acclaimed by the public, his return to song is that of an artist with the immense desire for absolute, truth and reunion with his audience.

Расположение :

163 route du Mercantour - 06200 NICE
Телефон : +33(0)4 92 29 31 29
Электронный адрес : info@nikaia.fr
веб-сайт : http://www.nikaia.fr

Часы работы :


Кварталы :

  • West Nice
  • Nice Plaine du Var
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