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Nice Côte d'Azur Metropolitan Convention and Visitors Bureau

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Treasures of the district of Cimiez in Nice - Walking Tour

1h30 to discover all the treasures of Cimiez, villas, palaces & hotels


- Meeting point: NICE, from the Amphitheater of Cimiez
- Visit in French & English: 14.00 pm
- Duration: 1h30
- Price: 13€/adult (from 13 yo) 8€/child (from 6 to 13 yo)
- Child under 6: free

We all know that Kings and Queens, Aristocrats from all over the world came to Nice making the city a winter resort for more than two centuries. The district of Cimiez is a perfect example of the presence of aristocrats foreigners during the Belle Epoque.

From the Queen Victoria and its Excelsior Regina Palace to the Valrose Castle, via the Belgrano Mansion and the Alhambra... let you guide in this walking tour exploring the palaces, hotels and treasures of Cimiez.

Be curious and follow your guide for a pleasant & dynamic tour !

117 avenue des Arenes de Cimiez - 06000 NICE
NICE - CIMIEZ Телефон. : 0619900008
rivieraisyours@gmail.com RIVIERA IS YOURS