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Nice 7 Hills Tour - eBike Tour

Nice's best hills, panoramas & countryside ! Duration: 5h00 - : Nice - Languages : English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portugese

A fantastic ebike ride on the heights of the Nice Hills, off-the-beaten-tracks, to discover the richness of its Belle Époque residential districts (Cimiez Hill, Roman ruins, monasteries & gardens, a magnificent waterfall) and to enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of Nice. A crossing of its most beautiful hills & its hinterland from where you will admire the roofs of the city from a new perspective.

We will start with a crossing of the hill of Cimiez where we will evoke the Roman foundation of the city around the largest site of Roman ruins in the south-east of France, and the history of the crowned heads in Nice around the fantastic Belle Époque Palaces such as the Regina Palace of the Queen of England. We will pass through beautiful flowered alleys and their villas to the tranquility of Cimiez Franciscan Monastery and its rose gardens overlooking the pearl of the French Riviera.

Then, we will continue to climb to the higher heights of Nice's hinterland where different panoramic points will be the pretext to discover the new facets of the city and its hidden heritage, including an Off-the-Beaten-Tracks path, a canal & a great waterfall.

From there, and depending on your desires, we can go to discover some central districts of Nice or to see a small authentic village, perched vineyards above the Var valley (OPTION: Wine Tasting and visit of vineyards of Bellet) or a mysterious monument (OPTION: Hiking).


Highlights of "Nice 7 Hills" E-Bike Tour:
- Magnificent Belle Époque Palaces and Villas
- Cimiez & the most beautiful residential areas of Nice
- The Franciscan Monastery & its exceptional flowered park
- The Roman ruins & the park of the Roman Arena of Cimiez
- The best panoramic points from the heights of Nice
- An off-the-beaten-tracks itinerary along a canal
- A waterfall overlooking all of Nice & the French Riviera
- A Temple of Love & a covered market, a Mecca for street food

- Vineyard visit and Bellet wine tasting (quotes on request depending on the day and the area visited)
- Hiking and discovery of a hidden and mysterious monument (sportive day)
- Detour for a river swim in a heavenly valley, crystal clear water & natural charms (Full Day Option)


- Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 9.30 am from Urban Motion
- Route: Nice
- Duration: 5h00
- eBike Tour
- Languages : English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese,Portugese, Russe
- Rates: 69€ / person, 62€ / student, 58€ /youth (13 to 17 years old) 

9 & 9bis rue Defly - 06000 Nice
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