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Mountain Railway Experience Through The Alps : Salt Road & Baroque Route

Full day - Route: Nice - Languages : English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portugese


- Saturday and Sunday at 9.30 am from gare Nice Ville
- Route: Nice
- Duration: full day
- Train / Bike Tour
- Languages : English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese,Portugese, Russe
- Rates: 94€ / person 

Are you spending your holidays or living on the French Riviera and you are looking for alternative to the crowded coast and the mass tourism destinations ? This quirky tour combining a unique train experience, discovering medieval unique villages and open air water sports or hiking in natural spots.

Let's start the tour early in the morning (7:35 am, or 9.23 am) from the Nice train station beyond canyons, bridges and tunnels through the alp mountain, 2 hours of unique experience with commentaries about the history of one of the most beautiful train lines in the world, fruit of the genius of French civil engineering of the beginning of the Xxth century. A way to take a break from your usual routine discovering different medieval villages and unique Baroque monuments, churches and monasteries at the doors of the fantastic National Park du Mercantour and its mysterious Vallée des Merveilles where around 100 000 engraved stones (cave painting) are a singular legacy of men who lived in this marvellous site 5000 years ago (Possibility to visit the Museum des Merveilles or to hike in the Valley « des Merveilles » (Bus option + hiking in the National Park 2h30 to 3h30).

During centuries this flourishing valley was on the Royal Trade Road known as the Salt Road, a valley which became rich thanks to the traders and travellers going from Nice to Torino. Saorge, Tende, Breil/Roya, Sospel will have no secrets for you and you will enjoy the fresh and clean air of the Alps off-the beaten tracks, hidden treasures a few miles from the French Riviera.

Contact us to organize your customized tour depending on whether you prefer hop-on and hop-off tour from the train, a mountain electric e-bike to enjoy path and roads, water canyoning or rafting or just enjoy the best river corners relaxing, a 4x4 experience, ride a donkey or a horse, everything is possible !

OPTION ELECTRIC MOUNTAIN E-BIKE (Possibility to carry on the train until Tende): 25€/person

Classic full day BAROQUE ROUTE program (we can change details at your convenience) :

- 7:35 am Departure from train station 2h of unique exploration, train experience through the alps with guide commenting the history of the train line, the villages, the bridges, the tunnels and the landscapes (OPTION +9€/p breakfast on the train)

- 9:40 am Walk in the Medieval Village of Tende, visit of one of the most beautiful baroque cathedral, visit of the museum des Merveilles (engraving stones and history) very well adapted for childrens and adults.

12:02 Train or E-Bike from Tende

12 :11 : La Brigue walk into the medieval Village of La Brigue and promenade des Oratoires until a unique medieval Chapel decorated in 1472 by the famous painter Giovanni Canavesio (Local Food Lunch with the sampler of the best specialities, next to the river or OPTION Restaurant lunch with local specialities +15€/person)

OPTION Via Ferrata for a cliffhanging hiking and a tyrolienne (zip-line, aerial ropeslide, runway)

14:56 Train from La Brigue

15:25 : Fontan-Saorge, visit of the Medieval perched Village of Saorge, historical fortified locked door of the Trade Road, on top of the Village a surprising guided visit of the Franciscan Monastery, the church, and its gardens (+6€/person)

17:50 Train or E-Bike from Saorge

18:04 Breil sur Roya, visit of the Village and its baroque churches

OPTIONS : Walk until a nice river corner to take a dip or panoramical road by e-bike to Sospel

Watersports in the River : canyoning or rafting (ask quote for activities)

19:20 Departure Train from Breil

20:23 Arrival in Nice

Possibilities to stay a night in Hotel, Inn or Camping/Mobilhome/Yourte and 2 days program with hiking in the National Mercantour Park for the more aventurous .

Avenue Thiers - 06008 Nice
Gare de Nice Ville Nice Azur Visit - Excursions insolites en train