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Nice Côte d'Azur Metropolitan Convention and Visitors Bureau

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Conférences, Colloques et Concerts

От 16 Сентябрь 2021 До 14 Декабрь 2021
Centre Universitaire Méditerranéen
4th quarter program. A place of memory and prestige, the Centre Universitaire Méditerranéen (C.U.M.) offers the general public conferences, concerts, and colloquia.

Описание :

Created in 1933 (its first administrator was Paul Valéry), the CUM was until 1965 an intellectual and cultural space. It was then used to install the new University of Nice before becoming today a center of exchange and expression.

A pretty white and red palace, on the Promenade des Anglais. On the threshold, two palm trees. On the right, the memory of Marie Bashkirtseff's pine, which cast a light shadow over the vast window of Paul Valéry's office-library. Inside, an ornate decor: tiling, parquet floors, the art of woodwork, a modern secretariat, a hall of ceremonies, with mirrors, gilding and Pompeian ocher, made to welcome the elite intellectuals. Finally, an amphitheater, considered the most beautiful in France.

This venue devoted to the cult of the spirit has pretensions equal to its setting. It is the meeting place of the eminent minds of the world. The Mediterranean University Center remains today a unique institution of its kind.

Расположение :

65 Promenade des Anglais - 06000 NICE
Телефон : +33(0)4 97 13 46 10
Электронный адрес : cum@ville-nice.fr
веб-сайт : http://www.cum-nice.org

Часы работы :

See the website for performance days and times.

Кварталы :

  • Nice-Sea side
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