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От 15 Июнь 2019 До 19 Октябрь 2019
LE 109
As part of the exhibitions : Nice 2019: The Odyssey of the cinema - Victorine is 100 years old.

Описание :

The artist Ben is one of the major artists of the twentieth century, known for his actions and paintings. His production, at the same time reflection on the art in what it has more fundamental and integrating our daily life in what it has more particular, succeeds in making life an art.
Ben deserved to participate in this program devoted to cinema, as he was able to call on this medium, especially for the capture of his artistic performances. Following the chronological sequence of its cinematographic productions, it is also to make a trip back in time on the evolution of cinematographic techniques, their supports and their uses. But not only, Ben will deploy in the Great Hall of the 109 part of his historical work but also invite his artist friends to come and share this place to celebrate all forms of original creations.

Контакт :

веб-сайт : https://cinema2019.nice.fr/expositions

Расположение :

50 bd Jean-Baptiste Vérany - 06300 NICE
Телефон : +33(0)4 97 12 71 11
Электронный адрес : chantiersangneuf@ville-nice.fr
веб-сайт : http://www.le109.nice.fr

Кварталы :

  • East Nice
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