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От 18 Сентябрь 2019 До 22 Сентябрь 2019
Imagined and coordinated by the Forum Jacques Prévert, this second edition of the festival invites you to more than forty shows to see with family or friends, in Carros and the mid-country.

Описание :

The DNA of Jacques a Dit remains unchanged with all-public and family shows in the mid-country villages during the week and the highlight of the festival in Carros at the weekend.

The common thread is in the relationships that artists maintain with the French language, with words and with orality. Whether storytellers, musicians, poets, comedians or former politicians (Carros will welcome Noël Mamère), they all have in common to invite you to share a look at the world, to listen to stories and to share emotions.

Good atmosphere, friendliness and humor in store.

Расположение :

- 06510 CARROS
Телефон : +33(0)493087607
веб-сайт : http://forumcarros.com/programmation-festival-jacques-a-dit-2019/
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