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От 06 Июль 2020 До 29 Август 2020

Dispositions spéciales Covid-19 :

Information not available to date, please contact the organizer directly for further details

Описание :

The artist name @MULIA is a combination of the first names Muriel and Lia. The painting started for Muriel on a rainy day, with her 4 year old daughter Lia. A first 4-handed canvas was thus created: a true revelation for the artist and the beginning of a beautiful collaboration between mother and daughter.

Always passionate about photography, @MULIA has made it her profession, but decided a few years ago to give free rein to her creative activity. Bathed since always in the universe of primitive art, her works are imprinted with it. For @MULIA, the truth lies in life and encounters. Just as her signature @MULIA is connected to life.

Расположение :

10 Boulevard Jean Jaurès - 06000 NICE
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