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Nice Côte d'Azur Metropolitan Convention and Visitors Bureau

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Le Pari d'en Rire - Les 4 Barbu(e)s Opus 2

Воскресенье 17 Октябрь 2021
Théâtre Francis Gag
The 4 Bearded (Wo)Men: Danielle Bonito Sales (vocals, playing, flute), Caroline Fay (vocals, playing, ukulele) Dominique Glory (piano, playing, vocals), Sabine Venaruzzo (vocals, playing, bass melodica).

Описание :

100% feminine - 100% zany, Les 4 Barbu(e)s are back in a new opus "Le Pari d'en rire". They sing about the world that doesn't turn around with irresistible humor and voices, all the major current events are disheveled with zany and insolent freshness. They do their Paleolithic vocals to the visionary glory of the unemployed Cro-Magnon, make fun of the bearded men, denounce the pharmaceutical industry in an impressionist fresco, deplore hatred everywhere in the Tyrolean way of Yala la itou, etc. And it's with the repertoire of Les Quatre Barbus, a little-known heritage of French chanson from the 50s, that they take over with their female voices, so that you'll join in the fun of laughing about it!

Расположение :

4 rue de la Croix - 06300 NICE
Телефон : +33(0)4 92 00 78 50
Электронный адрес : theatre.fgag@ville-nice.fr
веб-сайт : http://www.theatre-francis-gag.org

Часы работы :


Кварталы :

  • City center
  • Old Nice
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