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Gérémy Crédeville - Tournée Générale

Пятница 27 Май 2022
Théâtre de la Cité
Humor, One man show, Improv. Gérémy Crédeville, masters derision to perfection. In this highly interactive show, he offers the public the opportunity to come and trap him with a strong stake.

Описание :

In the worst case, one winner; in the best case, everyone wins!
A large white board at the entrance where each spectator notes a word, then 1h15 of improv sung, told, doubled, etc. to try to use all the words on the board, the last word quoted wins a drink of his choice, if there are 2 left, Gérémy offers a round!
Come and trap him!...

Расположение :

3 rue Paganini - 06000 NICE
Телефон : +33(0)4 93 16 82 69
Электронный адрес : infos@theatredelacite.fr
веб-сайт : http://www.theatredelacite.fr

Часы работы :


Кварталы :

  • Railway station
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