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Noa “letter to Bach”

Суббота 11 Декабрь 2021
Complexe les Arts d'Azur - Le Broc
For this tour in France and abroad, Noa gives us the songs from her new album but also her must-have tracks with jazz, pop and oriental sounds oscillating between power and lightness.

Описание :

Revealed in France with her hit " I don't know " or with the soundtrack of the multi-oscarised film " La Vie est Belle ", Noa is the leading Israeli singer on the international scene. Author, composer, performer and percussionist, she has turned her origins and her divine voice into a passport to the world by sharing her enchanting music in six languages.

In March 2019, Noa presented her new album, "Letters to Bach", produced by Quincy Jones. Through this new musical project, the singer Noa pays tribute to the famous 18th century German composer Johann Sebastian Bach and revisits his greatest instrumental pieces by adding original texts in English and Hebrew.

Расположение :

12 rue des Jardins - 06510 LE BROC
Телефон : +33(0)4 92 08 27 30
веб-сайт : https://www.lesartsdazur.net

Часы работы :


Кварталы :

  • Mid-country
  • Le Broc
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