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Rêves de jardins, jardins rêvés

От 19 Май 2021 До 17 Сентябрь 2021
Villa Les Camelias
This exhibition brings together two artists: the poet Sabine Péglion and the painter Cyril Destrade

Описание :

As the title suggests, words, colours and shapes attempt to explore and reveal the dreamlike universe of each artist, confronted with the horticultural theme.

The poem dialogues with the canvas, the brush resonates with the words.
It is up to the spectator to let himself be carried away in this space, emblematic of the opening towards the world and the elementary, while remaining in a closed and protective place.

A dreamy stroll to put in your diary.

Расположение :

17 avenue Raymond Gramaglia - 06320 CAP-D'AIL
Телефон : +33(0)4 93 98 36 57
Электронный адрес : contacts@villalescamelias.com
веб-сайт : http://villalescamelias.com
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