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Суббота 09 Октябрь 2021
Forum Jacques Prévert
When sixty little connected "moo boxes" come to life...

Описание :

A site manager, yellow helmet on her head, stumbles into a space under construction. She discovers an intriguing cube left there by who knows who. Curious, she takes it in her hands and turns it over: the box emits a sound. The cubes multiply on the stage. Horn, siren, helicopter noise, the din of a construction site... The sounds amplify and blend together, soon creating a city of sound in constant mutation. But then, under the impulse of their architect, the musical "blocks" rebel against the one who has activated them... Taking the audience along in a ballet of twirling sensations, the company La Boîte à Sel signs a fascinating and playful performance, opening the door to a vast urban imagination.

Расположение :

Forum Jacques Prévert - 1 rue des Oliviers - 06510 CARROS
Телефон : +33(0)493087607
Электронный адрес : contact@forumcarros.com
веб-сайт : http://www.forumcarros.com

Часы работы :


Тариф :

Full price adult - €10 Reduced rate - 8€ (for adults) Students and under 18s - 6€.
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