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Sur mon chemin...

Среда 16 Март 2022
Salle Juliette Gréco
COMPAGNIE QUI-BOUT ! A journey through time for toddlers from 1 year old and all the older children who accompany them.

Описание :

Sur mon chemin... is a show for young children, for those who are already intensely experiencing what it means to grow up, who are moving forward on their path of Life every day. It is a show for adults, who are also still growing. It is a theatre of images, silhouettes, shadows, and games between two actors. It is the progress of a character, Alice, who falls asleep, follows a White Rabbit, falls into a dream and shrinks in size and age. After this return in time, she re-enacts her birth and her early childhood, meets obstacles, closed doors, open doors, and confronts the Other, who forces her to assert herself. Through her journey, everyone will be able to recognize their own.

Расположение :

Salle Juliette Gréco - 5 boulevard de la Colle Belle - 06510 CARROS
Телефон : +33(0)493087607
Электронный адрес : contact@forumcarros.com
веб-сайт : http://forumcarros.com

Часы работы :

10:30 16:00

Тариф :

Full price adult - €10 Reduced rate - 8€ (for adults) Students and under 18s - 6€.
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