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Shirley Souagnon

Суббота 04 Декабрь 2021
Théâtre de la Cité
In this new show "Being Human", Shirley breaks free from preconceived thought patterns to make you laugh about our existence.

Описание :

What is it to be human? We don't ask ourselves this question very often and yet it is our main function, to be human. We don't even know the definition! Go and look it up... See? You need Google.

Let's rethink, let's rethink our world so that it belongs to us again, at least for an hour!

Расположение :

3 rue Paganini - 06000 NICE
Телефон : +33(0)4 93 16 82 69
Электронный адрес : infos@theatredelacite.fr
веб-сайт : http://www.theatredelacite.fr

Часы работы :


Кварталы :

  • Railway station
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