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La Tour-sur-Tinée

Built on a ridge overlooking the Tinée Valley, surrounded by peaks and wooded slopes, La Tour-sur-Tinée boasts a superb panorama and natural setting.
Mairie - Agence Postale - 06420 LA TOUR-SUR-TINÉE
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The village has preserved its Mediaeval configuration with paved streets and square lined with painted façades. From the village of La Tour, hiking paths of different levels of difficulty take trekkers on loop trails or to other neighbouring villages.

Sights: Saint-Jean-Baptiste chapel (14th c); White Penitents’ chapel (15th c); Saint-Martin church (12th c) and ‘Templars’ house’; geminate windows (15th c), Le Béal Arts & Crafts Centre; old oil and flour mills (18th c).

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  • La Tour-sur-Tinée
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