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A small village built like a stairway on a mountainous ridge with a dizzying view over the valley of the Tinée on one side and the Val de Blore on the other.
Hôtel de Ville - 3 Promenade St-Roch - 06420 RIMPLAS
Телефон. : +33(0)4 93 02 80 93

Rimplas features lovely little Mediaeval streets in the middle of which runs a rivulet, mysterious covered passageways, paved steps and splendid façades of pinked stone or decorated with painted false marble trompe-l’oeil, etc.

Sights: La Madeleine and La Frassinéa forts; gallery with sculptures by local artist Serge Doglio.

  • High Land
  • Rimplas
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