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Nice Côte d'Azur Metropolitan Convention and Visitors Bureau

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Cyclo Nice - Visite de Nice en Pédicab

Discovery of the old city in an unusual and peaceful way aboard an electric tricycle. Try a new and original way to explore the city: our electric tricycles, with your own driver
7 av Villermont - 06000 NICE
Телефон. : +33(0)4 93 81 76 15

Часы работы : 09:00-20:00
These new generation electric tricycles, driven by young drivers take you wherever you want for just a few euros. Every day, hundreds of people use this method of transport that combines all the advantages: it's economical, ecological and above all, highly practical!

Разговорные языки :
  • English
  • French
Способы оплаты:
  • Банковский чек
  • Наличные деньги
  • City center
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