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Tramway Lignes d'Azur

For a better quality of life, the Nice Côte d’Azur Conurbation has provided a new-generation tramway.
Espace mobilités - 33 bd Dubouchage - 06000 NICE
Телефон. : +33(0)810 061 006

Часы работы : Du lundi au vendredi de 7:30-19:00 - Samedi 8:30-15:00
Ежегодное закрытие: Jours fériés
Еженедельное закрытие: воскресе́нье all day,
the N° 1 line offers a north-east connection passing through the city centre along the avenue Jean Médecin and through the Place Masséna 21 hours a day!
the N° 2 line offers a west-east connection from the airport to the Jean Médecin station (the line will terminate at the port in December 2019)

One single bus/tram ticket and several places to change lines.
Tickets for sale in Lignes d’Azur agencies and on station platforms.
• Solo Ticket: 1.50€
• The 7-day pass offers unlimited travel on 7 consecutive days on all regular urban network services. It costs 15 €.

• Multi-10 journeys: costing 10 €, this allows several passengers to travel at the same time.
These passes are on sale in Lignes d'Azur sales outlets and from automatic dispensers on tramway station platforms and in the “Parcazur”.

You must stamp your ticket every time you board the tram.

Line 1 of the tramway is the spine of Nice Côter d'Azur's transport network. Since this line started operating, 46.6% of journeys in Nice are made using this reliable mode of transport, used by 99,000 passengers a day. The entire network was organised to maximise interchanges with the tramway and guarantee optimal journey times. Since December 2018 line 2 of the tramway has served Nice Côte d'Azur Airport as well as CADAM Administrative Centre as far as Magnan. Six "Parcazur" park and ride areas complete the facility. Practical and economical, they allow drivers to reach the city centre by public transport (tram or bus) without worrying about their vehicle. "parcazurs" have security staff and video camera surveillance. Your clients can travel around Nice in a relaxed frame of mind.

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